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AI Crypto Tokens Struggle as Google Chatbot Ad Flops; Stock Falls 6%

• Google’s recent launch of their AI chatbot, Bard, has resulted in multiple factual inaccuracies which lead to a 5% drop in pre-market trading for Alphabet.
• Crypto AI tokens have taken a hit as a result of the news, with many projects in the top 10 down more than 5%.
• Concerns are raised regarding the quality of AI-generated information due to Google’s performance.

Google Launches AI Chatbot

Google recently launched an advertising campaign for its new AI chatbot, Bard.

Factual Inaccuracies Showcased

However, the preview demonstrated multiple factual inaccuracies in response to questions posed by users. This caused Alphabet’s parent company stock to fall 5% in pre-market trading on Feb 8th.

Crypto AI Tokens React

The crypto AI industry appears to be responding negatively to Google’s performance and many projects have seen losses of over 5%. The Graph and dKargo are two outliers which have outperformed the sector over the past 24 hours.

Raised Concerns Over Quality Of Information

As a result of these issues, concerns were raised regarding the accuracy and quality of information generated by AI technology.

Outlook For Crypto AITokens

It remains unclear how this news will impact crypto AI tokens going forward but it is clear that investors are taking cautionary steps after this incident.