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Crypto Soars: Bitcoin Back Above $28K, Dominates Market Share

• Bitcoin is back above $28k, holding 49% of the market share as altcoins struggle.
• Gemini eyes Asia-Pacific markets as US regulatory pressures intensify.
• Uniswap founder Hayden Adams calls US’ approach to regulating crypto ‘sad and unfortunate’.

Bitcoin Back Above $28K

Bitcoin has regained its strength, moving back above the $28,000 mark and commanding a 49% market share as other major altcoins struggle to keep up. This surge in Bitcoin’s price indicates a renewed wave of institutional interest in the cryptocurrency space, triggered by BlackRock’s filing for a Bitcoin ETF.

Gemini Seeks Expansion Into APAC

In light of increasing U.S. regulatory pressures, Gemini is eyeing expansion into Asia-Pacific markets in order to widen its customer base and capitalize on the growing demand for cryptocurrency products in the region. With Asian countries like Japan being at the forefront of innovation with regards to crypto regulations and adoption, this could be an ideal move from Gemini to gain more traction across international markets.

U.S Regulatory Approach Called ‚Sad & Unfortunate‘

Uniswap founder Hayden Adams has criticized the U.S.‘ approach towards cryptocurrency regulation, calling it „a little bit sad and unfortunate“. He highlighted how other countries such as France and U.K are taking a much more thoughtful approach towards DeFi while the U.S focuses on political grandstanding instead of studying and understanding it properly first before setting regulations around it.

Uniswap v4 Will Not Be Regulated By SEC

Adams also confirmed that Uniswap v4 will not be regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) since it does not involve any securities trading activities or investments – rather than offering users access to liquidity pools which are open for anyone to join and trade with each other without needing permission from any central body or authority first before doing so .

Uniswap Won’t Move Out Of The U.S.

In spite of all this uncertainty surrounding regulations in America, Adams said that Uniswap won’t be moving out of the country anytime soon – although they have discussed about setting up offices outside too if needed eventually down the line if things don’t improve here either way soon enough .