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Discover Polygon 2.0: The Value Layer of the Internet

• Polygon Labs has announced the launch of its new Polygon 2.0 scaling solution, which is designed to provide “value layer” for the internet.
• The upgraded protocol will be a network of Layer 2 chains powered by ZK proofs that will work together as a single environment.
• This allows for unlimited scalability and unified liquidity, along with safe and instant cross-chain transactions.

Polygon Labs Announces Polygon 2.0

Polygon Labs has announced the rollout of their upgraded scaling solution, Polygon 2.0. The new version is designed to establish the network as the “value layer of the internet” and offers a range of features such as unlimited scalability, unified liquidity, and safe and instant cross-chain transactions.

Network of Layer 2 Chains Powered by ZK Proofs

Polygon 2.0 builds upon the existing network with an innovative solution: a network of Layer 2 chains powered by ZK proofs that can work together in unison via a unique cross-chain coordination protocol. This enables practically unlimited number of chains to exist on the same platform while also offering unified liquidity and eliminating additional security or trust assumptions for users.

Unlimited Scalability & Unified Liquidity

The new version offers unprecedented scalability thanks to its support for an almost limitless number of chains, meaning it can easily handle high transaction volumes without any performance issues or delays in processing times. Additionally, users benefit from unified liquidity across all supported networks due to the seamless nature of cross-chain transactions enabled by this upgrade.

Safe & Instant Cross-Chain Transactions

Due to its advanced design, Polygon 2.0 provides secure and instantaneous transactions across different networks without requiring any additional security measures or trust assumptions from users – something which would otherwise be difficult (if not impossible) on traditional blockchain networks such as Ethereum’s mainnet..


Overall, Polygon Labs‘ new release represents an important milestone in blockchain technology development – one that will enable faster adoption of decentralized solutions across many industries worldwide thanks to improved scalability, enhanced security measures, and reliable unified liquidity for users across all supported platforms