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Tim Cook: AI and Machine Learning Now Part of All Apple Products

• The New York Attorney General (NYAG) is reportedly probing Digital Currency Group (DCG) over its dealings with its subsidiary Genesis Global Capital.
• The investigation is said to extend to Genesis’ past chief risk officer, Michael Patchen, who left the firm in October 2022.
• None of the involved parties have confirmed the probe’s existence.

New York Attorney General Investigating Digital Currency Group

The New York Attorney General (NYAG) is reportedly investigating Digital Currency Group (DCG), according to reports from Bloomberg on Aug. 4 . None of the involved parties have confirmed the probe’s existence, though DCG did confirm that it is working with regulators and investigators where applicable.

Investigation Related to Subsidiary Genesis Global Capital

The investigation is related to DCG’s subsidiary Genesis Global Capital , and it may also extend to include former chief risk officer Michael Patchen, who left the firm in October 2022. It is unclear whether this investigation will lead to any charges being brought against DCG or any other individuals or entities involved.

Tim Cook Comments on AI and Machine Learning

In a separate but related development, Tim Cook recently commented on how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are integral components of virtually every product that Apple has developed and continues to develop today. He added that Apple has been pushing for greater transparency in order for customers to understand what data they are providing when using Apple products or services.

Curve Attacker Returns Stolen Funds Following Bounty Issue

Additionally, an attacker who recently targeted Curve Finance was incentivized by a bounty issued by the protocol’s team which resulted in them returning most of the stolen funds back into Curve wallets. Lastly, asset managers‘ interests have been shifting towards Ethereum-based futures ETFs as demand increases for digital assets investment products such as these.

Hex Token Removed From MetaMask & Uniswap After SEC Lawsuit

Finally, Hex lost $500 million in market capitalization following a lawsuit from the US Securities and Exchange Commission which caused its token to be removed from major platforms such as MetaMask and Uniswap . This move highlights how regulatory scrutiny can have significant impacts on digital asset prices and trading volume going forward.